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Undergraduate Preparation for Law School

Solid academic preparation at the undergraduate level is critical for applicants to any graduate program. For law school, this includes taking relevant coursework, choosing a major, getting to know the faculty, getting involved outside of the classroom, achieving a respectable grade point average, and doing well on the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). To be successful in law school, students need strong skills in reading, writing, research and analysis, so focus on building these skills.


You’ll have lots of decisions to make about when to take the LSAT and how to prepare, where to apply to law school, and what to write in your personal statement. Meet with a HPPLA Prelaw Advisor to create an individualized strategy for success.


Work hard to be the best student that you can be. Engage with your professors and classmates. Put academics first.

Information for Prelaw Students

Current undergraduate students can find resources for getting started, preparing for your career, suggested coursework, and how to apply to graduate school in our HPPLA Guidebook. You can find prelaw information in the Law section, or if you're just starting out, visit the new students section first for general new student resources and first steps for new students interested in law.